For the past few years, the Independent Film Festival Boston has shown steady growth. But for 2009 the fest has outdone itself with a stellar lineup of films that is as good as the heavily covered slates at Sundance and SXSW.

In the list are some of the big Sundance faves: Big Fan, the drama starring Patton Oswalt; Bobcat Golthwait’s new directorial effort World’s Greatest Dad; Tom Hardy’s breakout film Bronson; and the dead baby horror film Grace. Docs are well represented, too: Best Worst Movie, the Troll 2 examination, is there, as are Monsters From the Id, which is both a love letter to early movie sci-fi and an examination of how movie science inspired us, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and the short about John Cazale, I Knew It Was You.

The full lineup, which contains even more brilliant films, is here. Films will show at the Brattle Theatre, Coolidge Corner, The Somerville Theatre and the Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston. If you live in the Northeast, there’s no better reason to get into metro Boston for a couple days in late April.