What follows is apparently a real trailer for a real film that really cost five million dollars:

No, I know. You’re like ‘What the fuck?’ I agree. You thought The Room was bad? After Last Season looks to take inept to all new levels of horror.

Is it a joke? An attempt to make a movie so bad it becomes legendary? Or an indie version of Springtime For Hitler – collect 5 mil in investor funds and spend like 10 grand of it cranking out a movie that seems unwatchable?

Writer/producer/director Mark Region spoke with the people at the blog Knox Road and insists that his movie is a for real movie that will be getting ‘regular-wide’ distribution on June 5th, and that most of the budget went to computer effects..

“It took a lot of effort, we tried to do our best,” he said.

That sort of makes me sad. Then I see the MRI machine that’s a couple of cardboard boxes covered in construction paper and I laugh again.

So this is either a complete joke from top to bottom – while the trailer is at the Apple Trailers page it doesn’t mean there’s an actual movie behind it – or this is the next step in what happens when anybody can get their hands on cameras and editing equiptment.

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UPDATE! Sharp eyed message boarder blunderbuss has noticed that one of the stars of After Last Season, Casey Mcdougal, has a blog where she wrote:

Otherwise, I am getting ready for my top secret project, which I am just about ready to let you all know about…! We are “working” on it this Thursday with some wonderful people. Let me put it this way…the surprise will be unleashed April 1st, 2009. That’s not too much longer to wait, right? Right.

Uh oh. Smells like bullshit.

via HitFix