One thing that bugged me the most about young Michael Myers in the first Halloween (besides his horrible acting and contrived family life) was his eyes. He just didn’t look evil- he looked more like a brat that deserved a spanking than anything. Maybe this is a little better.

Or it could be he just hasn’t slept in a few days. Regardless this is Chase Vanek, the new kid who will be playing Michael Myers as a kid in Halloween 2, taking over for Daeg Faerch who played him in Rob Zombie’s original. Zombie had to recast the unfortunately named actor after he had a growth spurt.

According to Zombie’s Myspace blog “Chase has been kicking ass on set and we are sure you will love him as much as we do. Chase’s favorite question to ask me is “When do I get to kill someone ?” Kind of reminds me of another young Michael I used to know.”

But what’s young Michael Myers doing in the film anyway, especially since it’s supposed to pick up immediately after the events of the first just like Carpenter’s sequel? Well apparently older Hulk-Myers willl be haunted by vision of himself as a kid in the clown suit as well as his dead mother (Sheri Moon in short shorts, to be the one saving grace of the film once again?) as he tries once again in vain to kill Laurie Strode.