I’m not usually one to get strung up on viral marketing, but when a postcard comes in the mail with my name on it, I can’t help but be curious. This is what I received today-

The back simply says “Will You Be Watching? May 5th, 2009″. None of the pictures are actually me, unfortunately- if they REALLY wanted my attention they could have easily made me crap my pants with that.

And this is where your help comes in. What the hell is this for? Other film sites got it as well, but May 5th is a Tuesday, and all that’s really coming out is Benjamin Button and I doubt this is the direction they’re taking with that. Possibly a TV show? Let me know your thoughts here.

UPDATE- Mystery solved- it turns out that this is for Look. Thanks to messageboard denizen “ogre” for figuring it out with the quickness.