I suppose this is creepy, but my first thought when I saw Emily Browning in Lemony Snicket was ‘Oh wow, that girl is going to be hot when she gets older.’ And now that she’s 21 I can officially say Told you so. Emily Browning is smoking fucking hot.

And soon she’ll be smoking bad guys for Zack Snyder in Sucker Punch. The star of The Uninvited has signed on to replace Amanda Seyfried as a young girl in an insane asylum who imagines a violent break out. I think Browning has the right look to play hot and crazy; I’m curious to see how she masters the physicality that Snyder is going to demand.

There were some wags who thought that Seyfried dropping out killed Sucker Punch; the reasoning was that post-Watchmen Snyder’s 100 million dollar R-rated action film would be kayoed quietly without a lead. I’m glad to see that’s not the case, and that despite some reports to the contrary, Warner Bros hasn’t lost their balls.

via EW