News that Mike Patton would be scoring Crank 2 — his first full feature score — didn’t make big waves. That’s in part because the second press release confirming his involvement was the one where Patton’s manager slipped in a sentence confirming the Faith No More reunion news. That kinda eclipsed anything else in the missive.

But tracks are out, and The Playlist has an exclusive song from the score, called ‘The Hammer Drops’, embedded for your pleasure. (More is available at the Crank 2 OST’s MySpace page.) ‘The Hammer Drops’ sounds very influenced by Patton’s collaborations with Rahzel, but also like it should be ideal for more Crank idiocy/awesomeness. (Depending on how you view Crank, that is. I’m somewhere in the middle.) The first track on the MySpace page, on the other hand, has a sort of Mancini melody, which won’t be a shock to anyone who’s listened to the film score influenced Fantomas discs.

The full 32-track score drops next week, on April 7. The film opens April 17.

In the meantime, enjoy two more Patton-related tracks below. The first is from ‘Virginal Co-ordinates’, Patton’s collaboration with the violin/viola player Eyvind Kang. It’s not a score, but it really should be. The other is ‘Procura o Cara’, a once very difficult to find collaboration with Sepultura from the No Coração dos Deuses soundtrack. God, I love YouTube.