On Friday, Devin brought you the news that Richard Linklater is going forward with his follow-up to Dazed and Confused. EW ran the story and got some follow-up details. They’ve elegantly worded the premise: “…like Dazed, it attempts to capture an iconic and infinitely
confusing moment in a person’s life by following an ensemble of
different characters through a short period of time.” And while the high school football team was a focal point of Dazed, EW claims that this time the action will revolve in part around members of a college baseball team.

The script is done, and Linklater has spent the past few months trying to raise money to shoot it. That casts a bit of doubt the summer shoot date; hopefully that announcement wasn’t over-optimistic. Puts the quote that EW re-runs from last September in perspective. “Unless it’s a tentpole, sequel, remake, or
over-the-top comedy, that’s all the studios are even doing. They’ve
kind of admitted they’re not in the business of doing anything else.
The slightest level of irony or intelligence and, boom, you’re out of
the league, you’re done.”

Now, my request to Mr. Linklater: since the script is done, can we have a title? I hate cheapening the movie by calling it Dazed and Confused 2. But we want people to know it exists, and that’s currently the easiest way to refer to it and provide some context.