Chances are you’re not going to find a lot of Angels & Demons love here.  For instance, not that big a stretch to guess how Devin feels.  Me?  I haven’t made an appointment to see it and not really planning to.  Still, until it comes out and reciprocally ass mines the general populace, there is the occasional new item to post.  Today’s is a couple of international posters from our pals at  The first one is from Korea and seems to denote that Robert Langdon has the proverbial angel and demon on his shoulders, trying to influence him to grow his hair back…during a wildfire of all times.  The second is a Mexican version that’s a bit more sedate, but for some reason reminds me of Gavin Rossdale.  There are larger versions (honestly though, do you need larger versions?) over at BadTaste.

Thanks to Andrea for the tip.