Hey, you know how sometimes we get behind a movie and write about it all the time and then you guys get a little annoyed – which I never understand, because you guys also get a little annoyed when we shit on movies, so it seems like you just cannot be pleased – but we keep covering the hell out of it anyway because we kind of love the idea/filmmaker/the film itself?

Yeah, that’s probably gonna be Neil Marshall’s Centurion. Marshall won a lot of love from me with Doomsday, a movie I believe people will come to embrace in a couple of years. In the meantime, he’s proven that he’s a terrific action director, and when it comes to a movie where limbs WILL be sliced off, he’s the guy you want.

Rotten Tomatoes got some exclusive set video from Centurion, including co-star Dominic West really explaining what this movie is about and where it fits into history. It’s embedded below – enjoy McNutty himself, riding a horse. He never got to do that in Bawlmer.