I find this picture that Rob Zombie posted on his MySpace blog a little troubling because the last time I wondered what Michael Myers would do, he proceeded to answer the question for me by running around doing the same exact thing people saw him do 30 years ago– only quicker.

Now it looks like Rob Zombie is invoking the Blair Witch Project and other popular “reality-based” marketing ploys in what looks like something that could develop into a full blown alternate reality game-style advertising campaign.

Haddonfield police are very disturbed by a new t-shirt that’s been popping up around town. This man Chett “the bringer of death” Johns was arrested outside a Dr. Loomis book signing. Apparently Chett was caught spray painting MICHAEL LIVES across a local Starbucks.

The only reservations I have are, well, every single fucking time a slasher character is acknowledged within the film as a pop culture phenomenon. Your move, Busta Rhymes!