Last night our spy, who goes by the super secret spy name Eric, was at a screening of Dazed & Confused held to support Austin mayoral candidate Brewster McCraken, who you have to get behind just for his name. Richard Linklater was in the house, and at the Q&A after the movie he talked a little bit about what’s coming next for him. And that would be ‘a sort of spiritual sequel’ to Dazed.

The movie, which he is shooting in and around Austin this summer, will be about the first weekend of college in 1980. So while thematically it’ll bookend Dazed, it won’t have any of the same characters (which makes sense, as all of the actors are decades older and would look weird pretending it’s just four years later).

Linklater’s been talking about this movie for a while, but the fact that he plans on shooting it this summer seems to be the new bit of news. Of course, even without that I’d be happy to run any article that champions Linklater – who was once one of my favorite directors – getting back into that loosey-goosey, day-in-the-life style that he is so perfect with.