Kinda sad that all the interesting Emily Blunt news lately has been about things she’s not doing. She won’t be in Iron Man 2, and now she won’t be in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off Get Him to the Greek, either. Or, more to the point, she was never going to be in it.

Earlier today a report surfaced from Moviehole that said Russell Brand had claimed on an Australian radio show that Blunt was cast in Greek. But both her UK publicist and Universal have since confirmed that the news is bunk, as collated and reported by EW.

Otherwise the film likely remains the same. Brand is reprising his Sarah Marshall role; his character, as Devin describes, “has fallen off the wagon and Jonah Hill has to get him safe and in one piece to LA’s Greek Theater for a show.” Nick Stoller is directing again, and has written the script as well.

EDIT: Making this a little more interesting, reader/message board member Stephen just emailed me an AICN interview from last week, in which Capone talks with Jason Segel about the music he’s creating for Greek. Says Segal: “I’m writing songs for [Brand] and Emily Blunt, who’s playing a Fergie-type character. They start shooting in April.”

So what’s the story? Either she was in and things fell through, or she still might be and there’s some ass-covering going on.