The problem with movie guys being interviewed by non-movie guys is that the conversation always turns to the stuff that’s happening now. So when Bill Hader is on ESPN’s The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons, the topic turns to Saturday Night Live and Adventureland. Yawn. Simmons, don’t you know that Adventureland is already old? It’s not even out yet, but we don’t care any more!

(No, really, Adventureland is good and you should go see it opening weekend and help it make a lot of money.)

So it is frustrating to hear Hader say “yeah, Greg [Mottola], he’s the best. I’m actually, hopefully, gonna be in his next movie, which is called Paul, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost,” and have Simmons follow up that little nugget with “so, this one [Adventureland], is set in the ’80s!”


It wasn’t a stretch to guess that Hader would show up in Paul. Anyone would have assumed that was simply going to happen. The question is, who will he play? Or what? There’s an alien to cast, after all. I’ve heard that Hader has done some mocap tests to play Paul the alien, so that’s a possibility. 

Hader also mentions his slasher script, which he’s writing with SNL writer Simon Rich. A draft has been delivered, now we have to wait and see if it’ll move forward.

The Paul comment is at 26:44, the slasher comments are at 25:25 in the March 25 episode.

Thanks to John for the tip.