You haven’t heard a lot about Sin Nombre around here because none of us have managed to see it. Based on the accolades it has received from a lot of people I respect, I’m excited to see it. As soon as Focus screens the thing in Atlanta I’ll have a report available.

Much of the attention has been directed at young director Cary Joji Fukunaga, who now has first-look deals with Universal and Focus. His movie for Focus could be a musical featuring the slightly off-kilter music of indies Beirut and Final Fantasy. That’s a serious left turn away from Sin Nombre, and I love it.

What you’ll likely love is that, according to The Playlist, Fukunaga also has a sci-fi script he’s keen on making. Their source positions it as a time-travel movie, and a big one, but “a very human character piece that will transcend the genre. Cary has always been fascinated with time travel, but this will be an accessible story that people can feel emotionally.”

The first thing people will probably think of is The Fountain, which is just fine — if he wants to move into Aronofsky’s filmmaking domain, I’d be thrilled to see it. We need more ambitious young guys with ideas and the chops to make them