I’m a huge horror guy, but I must admit I’ve never been a huge A Nightmare on Elm Street guy. I like the original, but most of the sequels do little to nothing for me; in fact I’m going to have to hunker down and rewatch all of them before the reboot is released just to get myself all set up.

So it’s with little serious attachment to Freddy that I come to Latino Review’s first look at the reboot’s script and… I really like what I hear. Freddy is a confirmed kiddie fiddler in this version, and instead of a janitor he’s a gardener and handy man at a pre-school (isn’t it funny how an occupation change makes those finger blades seem a little more sensible?); he’s also not a jokemeister, and Latino Review says that the script actually has very little dialogue from Freddy himself.

Maybe the biggest change in the new version is that the teen victims aren’t being just punished by Freddy for his death at the hands of their parents – these are the kids who ratted him out in the first place. It’s kind of like Revenge of the McMartins, but creepier. I like the ballsiness of this – not only is Freddy a child molesting creep, we’re going to be rooting for him to kill the people who stopped him from molesting more kids! That’s fucked up – if they follow through. There’s a central mystery here, with the possibility that the kids lied about Freddy and in fact the kids were molested by their own parents.

Latino Review does these script first looks in video form now. It’s cute, and I like the production value, but I do wish they had the voice over in text form; I’m on a bad connection right now and it took me forever to watch this whole thing.