Sean Penn. Jim Carrey. Benicio Del Toro. A cast like this sounds like a prestige dramedy wet dream. Who could be directing these three heavyweights, two of whom are among the best actors living? Scorsese? Paul Thomas Anderson?

Try the Farrelly Brothers.

After months of rumors too silly to be true, all of the rumors have proven to be true. Carrey and Penn have signed on to star in the new Three Stooges movie; Penn will be playing Larry while Carrey is going to gain 40 pounds to play Curly. Del Toro, who has been attached but not signed for Moe for years, is the last fish that is about to be landed.

Insane. And this isn’t even a biopic. It isn’t like Penn will be essaying the inner pain Larry must have felt as the Middle Stooge. It’s a movie where these guys will be playing the characters of the Three Stooges in all new comedy adventures.

Del Toro has been talking about it for years, while Penn has been rumored for a couple of weeks, if not months. Carrey’s something of a surprise, especially as he’s known for being a tall skinny, very un-Curly type of guy. I’m surprised there were no fat actors available. Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t returning calls? (Imagine the sullen, sulky Curly he could create)

The Three Stooges should start shooting in a couple of months. Now to find out if Penn goes Method and shaves half his head.