The headline is about Dennis Quaid playing Bill Clinton in an HBO movie called The Special Relationship, but there are quite a few interesting nuggets of info in Variety’s article on the project, which will chronicle the long working relationship and personal friendship between Clinton and Tony Blair.

First, Michael Sheen will once again play former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. This will make his third take on the role, after The Deal and The Queen, both written by playwright/screenwriter Peter Morgan. That ties into the second bit, which is that Morgan is expected to make his directorial debut with this project.

Opposite Quaid as the President will be Julianne Moore as Hilary Clinton; Helen McCrory, who played Blair’s wife in The Queen, will reclaim that role.

And, in a note that seems a decade or two too late, the trade notes that Quaid will be honored at ShoWest as ‘Male Star of Tomorrow’. Haven’t they seen Far From Heaven? Innerspace? CAVEMAN?

Finally, for those who have followed the long-standing movie website ire directed at the trades, Variety actually says, “the casting broke on several websites Tuesday,” which might be a first for them. I can’t even muster much concern over the ‘trade war’ these days, but it’s a nice step, at least.