I don’t usually do the hyperbole thing that you see on some other sites, at least when it comes to marketing materials. I won’t tell you how I jizzed my jeans over a music cue or how my life was changed by a TV commercial. I won’t wax rhapsodic about some kind of ephemera.

Except now. I actually got choked up watching the trailer for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. And not because it’s sad or I have a deep personal connection to the book (closest I come is that my freshman dorm at SUNY Albany had Wild Things paintings on the walls). I choked up because that’s simply my reaction to things of incredible beauty and emotion. And even in a tiny video window on the Ellen Degeneres Show website, this trailer bespeaks a movie that is beautiful and full of truth, honesty and emotion. The trailer is breathtaking in its elegance. This looks like a kid’s movie shot as though it were a prestige picture.

Where the Wild Things Are has jumped to the very top of the list of movies that I would kill your mother to see. This looks like a possible masterpiece coming down the pike. Fingers crossed.