Tom Hanks starring in a Matt Mason movie? What does that mean?

No, seriously: what does that mean?

Universal is developing a movie called Major Matt Mason, based on an obscure 60s action figure; Hanks is producing and may very well star.

So who the fuck is Major Matt Mason? He was an astronaut who lived and worked on the Moon. The Mattel toy was introduced in 1966 as America was getting all excited about space travel, and his design was based on actual theoretical ideas about space travel (including a dumbass diving bell-looking space suit). The toy line later transitioned to more science fictiony stuff, including a number of alien nemeses.

Question #2: Why make a Major Matt Mason movie? Is Hollywood suddenly getting back interested in the over 50 market? Nobody born after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon will know much of anything about this toy, so Universal won’t be tapping into a nostalgia market among the people who normally hit theaters on Fridays. Maybe Mattel is bringing the character back.

Question #3: What kind of movie is this? Variety gives no clue as to whether this will be a straight adaptation – guys on the moon – or a comedy of some sort – maybe Major Matt Mason travels from 1966 to today, or the toy comes alive or something – so there’s no way of telling what sort of movie this will end up being. I hope it’s more serious.

There will likely be more Major Matt Mason news coming soon – stay logged in for more.