Seinfeld really appeals to the OCD nerd in me. Unlike most other sitcoms, the show is rich with mythology and history – it’s almost as continuity-minded as scifi shows. It’s the minutia that makes Seinfeld so memorable… which is fitting for a show about nothing.

Gallery1988 is an art gallery in Los Angeles that does a lot of pop culture shows; they’re celebrating their fifth anniversary with a show of TV inspired art called Idiot Box (the show opens April 2nd and Mr. Belding himself will be there); one of the pieces that will be on display (and for sale) is Kiersten Essenpreis99 Seinfeld References. There’s no info about the piece’s availability as a print, but I hope Essenpreis decides to sell it – I love this thing.

Also check out her other piece for Idiot Box, based on Twin Peaks: a beautiful doll of Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic.

How many references do you recognize? Here’s the chart that explains them all (click to enlarge):

via Bert