Everyone has an opinion on Kevin Smith. This site has had numerous ones ranging from positive to negative and all the spots in between. We’ve congratulated him, questioned him, and at times obviously outright baited him. He never took that bait, which is a good thing. Unless your name is Doug Stanhope, you should leave the baiting to jealous and faceless internet users.

I like the guy. I like a good bit of his work. He’s a funny dude and smart and ninety percent of the negative vibes I get from him comes from when his heart gets in the way of his brain, whether it be in the heavy-handed Dogma or in the message board scythe swinging over at his site. I enjoy his ‘Evening With’ specials and his book was a nice introspective little bit of business.

I recently discovered my videotape of the first Movie Webmasters Panel from Comic-Con 2000 [which was worse than I remember] and forgot how different Smith was back then. I remember feeling like he completely treated us unfairly but looking back at the drama and attitude and foolish competition for scoops, we sorta deserved it.

It seems Smith has turned a corner, and I for one believe him. Check out the frank, somewhat sad interview below and decide for yourself. I think Smith’s in a similar place a lot of us from the early waves of the internet are, albeit with a lot more fans, success, money, and respect.

Good stuff, Kevin.