This Sunday was the amazing season finale for Eastbound & Down, the show from the guys behind The Foot Fist Way, Jody Hill, Ben Best and the inimitable Danny McBride. The HBO series, which is about a major league baseball pitcher who hits the skids, was six episodes of misanthropic comedy perfection, and now fans are wondering if there will be further adventures of Kenny Powers (author of the self help book You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In). Today was the press day for Observe & Report, Jody’s new (amazing) movie, and so I asked him whether there would be a second season.

‘We’re thinking about it,’ he said. The plan was always to do Eastbound as a limited series, and the possibility exists for it to come back for a second, eight episode season. ‘We’re trying to sort out all the details right. We definitely don’t want to go for syndication or anything like that, and we know the ending we want to go for. But it could end right here, so we’re debating it. Do we keep it as one season that we’re proud of or do we go for one more?’

But if it does come back for a second (and certainly final season), it’ll be the same creative team. Says Jody, ‘You’ll never see this as a regular American sitcom, a writer factory. We’ll always have our hands in it. There won’t be a reunion… or a Very Special Episode.’

The gang just got together to record a commentary for the eventual DVD release, and Jody says that HBO is really into the show, so I think that there’s a good chance that we’ll get eight more half hours in the life of Kenny Powers.