I don’t have a copy of Let the Right One In yet (I’m waiting to get it on Blu-Ray. And I’m waiting to get a Blu-Ray player), but the news coming from Icons of Fright makes me wonder if I should even bother. They have taken a look at the disc and noticed something… off about the subtitles.

Essentially, they’re retarded.

Here’s an example from their site:

Those are subs from the original release screener. These were the subs you would have seen in the theater. Now here are the subs from the DVD/Blu-Ray for the same scene:

Wow. That’s completely dumbed down.

This is pretty bad. Icons has a TON of examples of how the subs have been essentially ruined in this release. I’m going to drop some emails and see what the situation is here, and how this happened. And most importantly, if anything can be done. There’s this belief that subs will always be better than dubs, and as this proves, sometimes the subs can really let you down as well.