I haven’t been following the development of the Ghostbusters game all that closely behind the grudging acknowledgment that I’ll buy it no matter what, so I may as well look at some screen shots. This means I was very surprised to learn that Sigourney Weaver was not going to be lending her voice as Dana Barrett in the game. And no, it’s not because there is no Dana, only Zuul, but just because she didn’t wanna.

So the developers have hired Alyssa Milano to step in as a new character who takes Dana’s place. The character is Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, who is Venkman’s love interest. What? I’m really confused, since I thought this game included the events of the first Ghostbusters movie. Did they really just remove Dana and insert a whole new character into all the Zuul and Gatekeeper stuff? Or is this game a rehash of the first movie without actually being the first movie – kind of like the sequel?

I don’t know. You tell me – I’m too lazy to look it up. Or maybe I’ll be surprised when I pop the game into my Xbox.

UPDATE: Alex tells me this is a sequel, and that the reason why all the familiar ghosts – Slimer, Stay Puft, librarian, etc – are in it is because… they’re the familiar ghosts. But this game definitely takes place after Ghostbusters 2.

Check out a new trailer for the game, featuring Milano talking about her character (and some heartening snippets of Bill Murray voice over) here.

via JoBlo