Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch just ran into a major obstacle: it lost its leading lady. Amanda Seyfried, who was set to play Baby Doll, a girl locked up in a mental institution who fantasizes a violent escape, had to drop out because her Big Love shooting schedule got in the way.

I’m psyched for Sucker Punch: it’s Snyder’s first ‘original’ film, and the premise – a hyper violent Russ Meyer movie for the 21st century – appeals to me in a big way. But now who will Snyder get for his lead? I’m not as well versed in young Hollywood leading ladies as I probably should be, and I’m terrible at fantasy casting as well. But Seyfried just seemed perfect for what I’ve read of the role – she’s beautiful but also looks like she could be convincingly nuts (and that’s totally a compliment. But she does have Crazy Eyes).

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