Remaking The Party has always seemed like one of the more truly terrible ideas. That whole movie is Peter Sellers’ performance; everything else is just there for him to bounce off. The Party seems like the kind of film either a comedian remakes in a fit of unearned hubris (has Jim Carrey ever been attached to this?) or the kind of film you just rip off and ‘homage.’

But a remake is in the works. We first heard about it last year, but now it appears to have a director: Jewsploitation director Jonathan Kesselman. Kesselman directed the pretty funny The Hebrew Hammer, so at least he has some comedy under his belt. This could mean the remake might not suck as badly as we all feared. It could even end up… watchable!

Will he work on the script? I hope so, because I hate this idea so much. The new version, instead of being about hapless Indian Hrundi V. Bakshi, will, according to the Hollywood Reporter, be ‘focusing on a
blond Midwesterner whose appearance is changed by studio execs
eager he fit a part.