Star Trek
is not cool. This is a hurdle Paramount must overcome between now and the release of the film in a month or so. There’s some retro camp appreciation for Trek (and a lot of retro camp appreciation for The Next Generation these days, although I don’t know how something so dull is camp), but Captain Kirk et al aren’t as hip as they used to be.

Enter: hipsters.

Hipsters are possibly my least favorite people in the world, but Paramount decided they would go after the hipster market with a party in LA last night. So they shoved a bunch of skinny-jeaned, over-coiffed, too ironic for their own good ding dongs in a club, gave them free vodka, had DJ AM (dressed in black ninja gear – to hide his burns?) spin his iPod and tossed a bunch of Trek shirts into the crowd.

Will this make Star Trek cool? Unclear. These people don’t go to movies anyway, they just go to places that have free booze and spend the rest of their income (ie money from mom and dad) on Valtrex. But maybe they’ll all start getting Spock haircuts.

Kudos to Paramount for trying something a little bit outside the box with a movie like this, and leaving themselves open to the mockery of bitter old men like me who just want these kids off my lawn (ie my planet). Some pictures of the Silverlake gone Hollywood dipsters are below. Go to the website of the vile Cobra Snake to see lots of pictures of people you don’t know at a party. Marvel at how cute some of the girls are while how douchey ALL of the dudes are.