It’s absurdly late on Sunday night, I’m dead tired and really just want to read a few pages of World’s End, as part of my recent Sandman re-read, before falling into uncomfortable slumber.

But these images of the beasts (and boy) from Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are happen to be too good not to post. The upshot, from my perspective, is that they speak for themselves.

USA Today has the new pics, and while not everything in their gallery is new, about nine of the twelve images are things we haven’t seen before. All suggest that Jonze has made, if nothing else, a movie that is quietly, impressively gorgeous.

The piece also confirms that the trailer will bow in front of Monsters vs Aliens later this week (we told you that two weeks ago) and, as The Playlist noticed, suggests that it’s now Chris Cooper voicing Douglas, the Chicken, rather than the previously-stated Tom Noonan.

We knew Cooper had come on board, but not what character he was voicing. USA Today also reiterates and confirms the other actors attached to various characters: Paul Dano is Alexander the Goat; Forest Whitaker is big-nosed Ira; Catherine O’Hara is rhino-horned Judith; James Gandolfini is Carol. Noonan’s name isn’t mentioned at all.