This is something I rarely do, but I have gotten so many messages and emails about this that I want to address it openly and publically:

Star Trekkin’ lives.

I will complete this series. I will watch all the episodes, and write them all up. I will not finish on my original timeline, even with the generous cushions I gave myself, and this series will go past the release of the new Star Trek (maybe I’ll finish it when the DVD comes out).

All I can offer are apologies and lame excuses. The Star Trekkin’ idea was more complicated than I assumed when I started. I watch each episode two to three times, and then it takes about two hours to write up just the Captain’s Log segment. That’s about five hours per episode, which makes it very hard to juggle Star Trekkin’ with regular site content.

If all I were writing was Star Trekkin’ my original goal would be reachable. But throw in news updates, editorials and reviews, as well as the lovely idea of more CHUDsploitation, and you have something I can’t accomplish. I would love to write only Star Trekkin’, CHUDsploitation, Watch This Now and movie reviews, but the economics of a site like this make that impossible. We need content, and as much of it as possible, which means I have to focus on more quick news bits than I might otherwise like.

A second problem hit me about three weeks ago: I found myself with severe shoulder and wrist pain, which made writing 2000+ word Star Trekkin’ pieces almost impossible. I’ve made some real headway with the pain – rest, a brace and changing my writing station have helped – but really long pieces still leave me in an unpleasant state.

Those lame excuses aside, know that I have not and will not give up on this column. I have not and will not give up on CHUDsploitation. I know that CHUD columns can come and go but I am completely committed to these (and to Watch This Now), and your positive feedback has only made me even more committed. Hopefully Star Trekkin’ will be back this week with at least an entry for the classic man in suit episode The Arena.

Thank you guys for your understanding and for your support.