I really like The Specials. I know it’s not entirely the movie that James Gunn wanted it to be, but I think it works wonderfully as it is, and I have a blast with it. But now Gunn apparently has a new superhero script – at least that’s what The Office‘s Rainn Wilson says on Twitter.

Yes, Twitter! It’s the new thing, kids. Everybody is on it, including celebrities, and many of them are quite unfiltered. Or semi-filtered. Rainn Wilson, for instance, is filtered enough to edit out some curse words in his tweets:

@jamesgunn and I are taking a script of his out to indie producers. a brilliant f**d story and character. Like the anti-Watchmen! Well see!

And later:

Going out to indie producers w/ @James_ gunn s brilliant new/old script. Like a f’d up low rent watchmen! We’ll see…

New/old? Anti and/or low rent Watchmen? I’d almost guess that Gunn was redoing The Specials when you put it that way.

Whatever it is, I’m intrigued. I want Gunn back in the movies. PG Porn is great, but this guy is a filmmaker. So let’s have him making some films again. Stay tuned for any future updates from the Twitterverse. And while you’re thinking of Twitter, feel free to add me at www.twitter.com/devincf.