When Curtis Jackson’s new album is called HTML Hataz, know that he is talking about you, the internet masses who cried out in pain when it was announced that he would replace Forrest Whitaker in Sylvester Stallone’s gimmicky new film The Expendables. The outcry was enough that, just a few days after the announcement, 50 Cent was off the movie and the angelic Terry Crews was in.

Good work, internet. Terry Crews is amazing. His participation in this movie may actually make it watchable. Unlike many of you, I’ve been fearing The Expendables. For a number of reasons:

- Stallone is self-destructive. Look at his career. He will make one or two good – nay, GREAT! – movies and then follow them up with complete shit. His filmography is like a yo-yo (and no, I’m not taking into account Stallone movies that are ‘so bad they’re good.’ I’m just talking about really, honestly good Stallone movies). Sly has made two really, really good movies in a row. It’s time to shit on that streak, and I know he’ll do it.

- The casting is a joke. I know that this is what is getting the internet excited, but the cast for this sounds more like a fanboy’s wet dream than anything really sustainable. On top of that, many of the actors cast in this film work as leads in their own movies due to their personal ridiculousness. Dolph Lundgren does not scream out ‘ensemble cast’ to me.

- It’s a PG-13.

But Terry Crews – hell, he made Balls of Fury almost watchable. Him joining the film is the best news I’ve heard about it in months.

via Aint It Cool