Alternate Hollywood! Between the Movies that Never Were and The Second to Last House on the Left, I’ve been on a kick when it comes to alternate versions of movies you know and love. The development process can be so long and so strange that many different iterations on a movie become very possible.

The same can be said for the post-production and marketing phases. We’ve talked about movie posters a bit lately, and now James Gunn has shared some of the alternative poster ideas for his movie Slither (which I love. Gunn’s doing cool stuff with web video, but I’m really dying for him to come back with another movie already). And he’s made it into a contest – a person who guesses which Slither concept was his favorite will win a signed copy of the poster Universal eventually went with. Click here to see the whole gallery and enter the contest.

My favorite is below. You could never sell a movie based on this, but it’s so fucking demented. Glorious.