The clip below may be one of the best pieces of television I’ve ever seen produced. The UK’s Top Gear is one of the most entertaining, well-made, and intelligently produced shows already, employing phenomenal editing and the best three hosts a person could want to the fullest capability possible. How a car show is this good is beyond me.

It seems every episode there is some bit that either destroys me, blows me away with the sheer polish of it, or causes me to wish I had more money. Well, everything makes me wish for more money but you get the point. Watch the energy and effort and talent that goes into Top Gear and then look at what nearly one-hundred percent of the work being put into American television [nature and history shows excluded] ends up looking like and wonder how some of these people have jobs.

Top Gear is what reality television should be.

Recently, they did a segment as a retaliation to the claims that they haven’t done any serious road tests, choosing to focus on the tiny green Ford Fiesta. What they did is the stuff of legend. Better made, more intelligent, more entertaining, and better written than most of the action films I’ve seen lately.

Kudos to them and shame on us. Enjoy while the embedded video exists.