There’s only one reason I can work up any enthusiasm to report on Peter Segal being in final talks to direct The Little Focker, the third movie in the wildly bland Fockers franchise:

David Wain isn’t directing it.

Wain’s name showed up on some kind of shortlist recently, and I was horrified that the director of Wet Hot American Summer might be the helmer of a film whose main jokes would certainly revolve around a baby peeing in Ben Stiller’s face* and Robert DeNiro mugging.

So Segal, who is a nice guy, is probably getting the gig after Jay Roach had to back away to do Dinner for Schmucks. Segal got free when Steve Carrell opted to do Date Night with Tina Fey (and Shawn Levy directing. What the fuck, Fey?), so he seems to have stepped into the director’s chair for the second sequel to Meet the Parents.

Oh well.

* note: it’s quite plausible that a very Wain take on this gag would be quite good and subversive. There’s no way Universal would let Wain direct The Little Focker with a standard Wain tone. Role Models was as watered down as I want to see him.