STUDIO: AnimEigo
MSRP: $24.98
RATED: Not Rated

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The Pitch

Goemon beats death.

The Humans

Raizo Ichikawa, Masao Mishima, Eijiro Tono, Ayako Wakao and Junichiro Narita

The Nutshell

Following the events of the second film, Goemon has been captured by the evil Nobunaga. Fearing what the last Ninja is capable of doing, Nobunaga sentences Goemon to be boiled alive. Goemon’s comrades manage to save Goemon by replacing him with some other bastard. That guy gets boiled to death, as Goemon continues his rampage against Nobunaga.

The Lowdown

Goemon targets one of Nobunaga’s trusted officers in this flick. The semi-honorable Hideyoshi is shown what it’s like to face off against Goemon. His toddler is stolen in the night, along with most of his valuables. Goemon appears to be a vision from Hell, as he strikes quickly against Hideyoshi’s assets.

Hideyoshi leaves the action, while trying to continue his conquest of Korea. It doesn’t matter, as Goemon continues his attacks like a stalker scorned. The Shinobi series really ups the ante with this entry, as we delve more into what is making Goemon tick. He’s not lost anymore, as he seems to have made peace with death. Any change of coming down the path he chose has long since went out the window.

What’s left is Goemon’s desire to end Nobunaga’s mad reign. Some might say that such a mad drive isn’t enough material to fill a feature film. They would be right, if you take the film by itself. But, it’s a larger peg in a grander story. It’s a shame that we’ll all be well into 4K HD by the time that the final film is released via AnimEigo.

The film has decent A/V Quality
for an older flick. I noticed a slight shimmering around the subtitles.
But, that appears in most Region 1 foreign titles that don’t originate
out of a big studio house. Well, Tartan was the exception. But, Tartan
doesn’t exist in America anymore.

Shinobi No Mono 3: Resurrection provides
ample opportunities to watch carnage unfold in a period piece. Sure,
it’s paper-thin dialogue coupled with an over-extended plot. But,
you’ve got to enjoy a good murder-revenge story. Well, the Japanese
did. There were about nine of these Shinobi flicks.

The Package

Trailers, Image Gallery and Program Notes
– It’s the standard AnimEigo treatment for classic Asian releases. You
get a look at the trailer for the main feature, plus some coverage of
other titles coming down the pike. There’s some stills from the
production collected and you get a little bit of historical information
on the feature. It’s not a lot of material, but it’s enough to pique
your interest.

6.3 out of 10