Britain’s Times Online is claiming that I Love You, Phillip Morris, the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor gay comedy that premiered at Sundance (where I really enjoyed it) has been unable to find a distributor and may be forced to go straight to DVD in the United States. That’s a pretty big claim – one the site can’t seem to back up with anything but ‘[f]ilm industry insiders’ – but it’s one that might be too believable.

The film, which is very funny and surprisingly touching, does feature explicit gay sex. Really, really explicit gay sex. Involving Jim Carrey. Cumming in a guy’s ass. Yeah, that explicit.

The Times Online thinks that it’s this gayness that’s kept the film from getting picked up. I think that might be a little short-sighted; Phillip Morris has only played Sundance so far, where it got decent but not swooning reviews, and it’s not a cheap movie in indie terms. The film cost about 13 million, so I’m assuming the producers are asking for a chunk of change. Add that cost to the explicit gayness and you have a movie that looks like it might be hard to sell, especially since Jim Carrey’s regular fanbase is simply not the target audience.

I do think it’ll get bought – you can make 30 to 40 million on this movie if you’re smart – but it may take a little while and a couple more festivals. It is sad that the film’s explicit homosexuality is almost certainly playing a part in its continued orphan state, but I have to believe that this picture can find a home. Only so I don’t give up on humanity.

Below is a shitty quality foreign trailer for the movie.