The iPhone/iTouch really is coming into its own as a gaming platform. The little gadget has already attracted a ton of big-name publishers, and it’s got the exclusive game adaptation for one of the biggest and darkest tv series around. Are you ready for Dexter?

A very brief teaser trailer hit today. Check it out.

The game is being developed by Icarus Studios and published by Marc Ecko Entertainment. It supposedly will focus more on crime scene investigations and be more of an adventure game, but of course that teaser doesn’t really show off anything but the blood. They’ve also promised that in the game you’ll look at evidence and try to figure out how exactly to handle the guilty party- whether that’s through the court system or Dexter’s particular brand of justice.

We’ll see if they can get a handle on what makes the game so special, or follows the path of most film and tv adaptations.