One of the producers on DC’s Green Lantern, to be directed by Martin Campbell, is Donald De Line. He’s also a producer on I Love You, Man, which means he’s out there talking to the press right now. For example, he told Dark Horizons that Green Lantern is about to scout locations in Australia in preparation for a September shoot. (Production Weekly said the same thing via Twitter, but with no other attribution.)

Which leads to the obvious question: who’s, uh, playing, like, your lead? The green guy, with the lantern?

Says De Line, “We don’t have a soul cast.”

Which is a thing that’s easy to blow out of proportion. We might hear a deal announcement tomorrow, or not until August. Realistically, since there’s probably some physical training and rehearsal to think about, if we don’t know by Comic Con then you might think about being concerned, assuming this is the sort of thing you’re likely to be concerned about.

EDIT: IESB claims the top name on WB’s casting sheet for Hal Jordan/Green Lantern is Star Trek‘s Chris Pine. Latino Review’s El Mayimbe goes a step further on Twitter, saying that the offer is out to Pine, who has yet to accept or decline. That’s an…interesting choice, with no proof as yet of the appeal of his Captain Kirk.