Last year when we reported on Your Highness, Universal’s medieval stoner comedy directed by David Gordon Green and co-written and starring Danny McBride, I don’t think many people paid attention. McBride was little more than a nobody at that point, and there was already a lot of noise around him: Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, The Foot Fist Way, even Land of the Lost.

Universal knew enough to take the plunge with these guys last year. Now you know, too.

So let’s recap what Devin wrote almost a year ago about the movie:

It’s a fantasy film called Your Highness,
and McBride will play ‘an arrogant, lazy prince who must complete a
quest to save his father’s kingdom.’ And this is old school questing;
producer Scott Stuber tells Variety that it includes dragons and
[original article]

McBride: “We’re trying to make it not too big so we can keep it as lame as we want
to make it and make it rated R and everything.”

“We want to do our take
on a movie like Krull or Dragonslayer. I battle with a hula hoop. The Hoop of Doom is his weapon of choice, a big metal hula hoop.”

“We’re not making fun of the
genre, we’re making a movie that looks like that and feels like that,
and uses those old special effects.
[original article]

McBride is still dropping the Krull reference, which is a good sign. He told The Playlist at SXSW the movie would be like “Barry Lyndon meets Krull,” which is amazing. He said some of the same things to Harry at AICN, who was either too drunk or too starfucked to realize that most of this is old news.

What was the point of all this again? Right — McBride also told Harry that James Franco is now in the movie, too. Which is beautiful.