It’s a great day for Unreal Tournament 3 fans.  After a two week delay, Midway and Epic games unveiled the UT3 “Titan Pack” download on the Playstation Network.  Thanks to file size limitations on Xbox Live, this DLC will only be available for the PS3 and PC.

The pack includes the following:
  • Two new game types: “Greed” and “Betrayal”
  • The Titan Mutator, which allows players to control what appears to be some sort of giant hedgehog (pictured above)
  • 19 (!) new maps, including 8 pulled from the 360 version and 11 made for the DLC
  • The Stealthbender vehicle
  • The Slow Field powerup
  • The Stinger turret, the Link Station, two new characters, the Eradicator Cannon, and X-Ray field deployables

With 19 new maps, this DLC nearly doubles the amount of game in the original, and in an Oprah-esque twist, it’s a completely free giveaway.  It looks like Burnout: Paradise is no longer the only property showering its users with free goodies, but will it be enough to bring people back to a year-old game?