I see occasional comments from people who claim to hate various forms of social media. Facebook and Twitter draw ire from folks who, I suspect, really just don’t get it and are afraid of being ignored in the new social media landscape.

Most of us see each service as another means to deliver content. That any given social media is purely a trend of the moment is immaterial, if it can get the word across. Half of what we do here at CHUD — half of what news reporting does in any sphere — is purely of the moment. We spend as much time as we realistically can crafting these news articles to keep you caught up and/or strung along until the next piece of substantial feature content. Anyone who believes otherwise is just fooling themselves. Barring the exception of a great joke here and there, are you ever going to read most of these news pieces again? Of course not.

All of that makes Twitter an ideal method to deliver advertising for Crank 2, a film that is very much of the moment. Written quickly, shot quickly, pushed out the door like a just-formed baby dropped from an impatient, sqautting mama, the only major 2009 movie that’s more of the moment than this one would have to be made by Steven Soderbergh. (Which is a fine thing — none of that is meant to be a slam.)

So check the poster, and follow us on Twitter, if you’re so inclined. It’ll be like we’re right there next to you, all the time. We’ll wear gloves when we touch you. Promise.