Tom Cruise was recently in Japan, where he is of normal height, and appeared on a TV talk show, SMAP SMAP, which is named after the sound you get when pulling your pud. While on the show Tom mentioned that he’s working on a story for Mission: Impossible 4 right now, and that he thought it might be fun to have a big action sequence in Tokyo. Just so he wouldn’t have to stand on an apple carton the whole time.

Now, the second part sounds like he’s just servicing the Japanese, but the idea of a new Mission: Impossible movie makes lots of sense. Tom’s career is coming off the ropes, and he seems to be stepping away from the abyss, but he needs a big blockbuster movie to finally fix all the damage he did to himself over the last few years. A good Mission: Impossible - something they can accomplish one out of every three tries, it seems – would go a long way towards getting him right back on top.

This news story comes from Aint It Cool. Hilariously, the guy who submitted it saw the interview on TV and then used a spy name for himself. Why is he hiding his identity? He saw something on TV! Spy names are for folks in the industry who are afraid of getting busted, not some dude sitting on his couch.