Actually, it’s just one poster. For now. If any movie ever cried for a series of character posters, it’s this one.

ComingSoon just posted this image, sourced from Nick Magazine, of the first one-sheet for the Spike Jonze adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. If I wasn’t already deeply curious about the movie, I would be now. The framed-out wild thing with claws, fur and feathers, the dirty, screaming kid…the shot is grimy, evocative, just hazy enough. It actually looks wild. I like the ambiguity of the tagline, too — is there a wild thing, or a wild child in all of us?

After all the difficult stories about this movie it’s a pleasure to know we’ll soon be seeing footage. I’m thrilled that Spike Jonze has in some way pulled this off. That’s not coming from a fan of the book, but of movies. From all accounts Jonze made this film in a relatively unique manner, and he’s been confident about letting the material speak for and simply be itself. I dearly hope it works.