Please Send Letters.

Joshua Writes:

Mormons are fucking scarier than scientologists.

Nick Replies:

And vampires.

Mike Writes:

I hope one of you can fix this shit!!! I have been coming to this sight for a long time now, and I every now and then check out the fetal films, even though most of the time they are never updated, no big deal, I would just get a kick out of the old “ is Dolph Lundgren in it?” ” NO “ Q and A. It was funny, it made me laugh. But now, a movie with Dolph is coming out, The Expendables, and I go to see what it says and can’t find the movie. Give the man his due, for Christ sake.

Nick Replies:

You know who hasn’t been coming to the sight? Andrea Bocelli. Anyhow, the new CHUD redesign features Fetal Films prominently. You should be sated.

Marty Writes:

To whom it may concern
Lets get on with Lois & Clark, never mind lana.
From Fans

Nick Replies:

Are you really writing about Smallville? You’ve finally written a feedback letter to this site and it’s about fucking Smallville? You should be ashamed.

Dana Writes:

God, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  “Irreversible the pop up book”..  that would make a great stocking stuffer.

Nick Replies:

I probably dip into the Irreversible well too much, but I would so stuff a stocking with that. In one long take in a red alley…

Joe Writes:


Nick Replies:

I violently disagree. Lawrence and Elaine royally screwed me with the massive undertaking/dud we’ve had to shoehorn into what you’re reading now, and the past two years have been a series of failed missions to make things better. Thankfully, Joe and Josh and Jeremy and myself plan to finally amend that. Stay tuned for great.

Michael Writes:

Do you have a section that contain Adult Films?

Nick Replies:

Michael, I bet it takes you about twenty-five seconds to ejaculate. After which, you are disgusted by the sight of strangers writhing and need something else to do with your day. You’re spent and guilty and needing enrichment and something that doesn’t remind you of your loneliness and personal losses in the relationship world.

For those 23+ hours, there is Even without an adult section.

Will Writes:

Saw your website. Is there any chance you would be willing to share who Christian Bale’s agent is?
I have a project I would like to submit to that person.
I appreciate your help…

Nick Replies:

Yes. His name is Shane Hurlbut.

Steve Writes:

I was planning on watching Grizzly Park already, mostly because I am a sucker for animal attack movies but also due to the “CHUD connection.”  The one thing I learned in your article that I did not yet know is that it was filmed in Abingdon, VA.  I live in Kingsport, TN which is approximately 30 minutes away from Abingdon, and I work in Bristol, which is next door.  I’m sure you’re aware of Bristol since, as you said, there’s absolutely nothing to do in the area so you probably ended up in Bristol to at least get food or something.  I’ve already been made well aware of the absence of the DVD in Blockbuster by people I’ve recommended the film to, but I will definitely spread the word to everyone I know in the hopes that the local on-location filming will spark some newfound interest. The fact that it is not extremely gory will actually help this process.  I am a fan of, and used to, very violent horror films but most of the people around here prefer horror of the more harmless variety. 
Anyway, thanks for what you guys do, I love your site. 

Nick Replies:

Grizzly Park is not violent. I hope you like it, though I don’t feel that hardcore horror fans are the target audience. It’s funny, I was expecting folks to come out of the woodwork with comments about the film, which has now seeped deeper into home video and cable. Alas, they haven’t. Maybe it’s better that way.

Tommy Writes:

What is this Grim Reaper thing you’re doing?

Nick Replies:

It’s a novel that’ll probably be out in the fall written by Steve Alten (of MEG fame) and myself. It’s based on a script we wrote a couple of years ago. It’ll be the book that follows MEG: Hell’s Aquarium in his queue. It’s dark and apocalyptic, political and steeped in mythology as well as real-world terror and will definitely be the darkest and most ambitious one he’s done. Best place for updates on that his his website, and if all goes well we have two other pretty good little things to follow it.