We’ve written a lot about what Spike Lee’s next dramatic feature might be, but I don’t think we’ve talked at all about his actual next film, a documentary about a day in the life of the Lakers’ most famous…well, about Kobe Bryant. For Kobe Doin’ Work, Lee and cinematographer Matthew Libatique added a host of cameras to the couple dozen cams that typically capture a playoff game, and got exclusive full access to Bryant for the duration of one day.

How do you get that close to a superstar? Deify.

It’s odd that, given Lee’s proclivity for probing into subjects, we’re likely to get a wide-eyed fan letter out of this, and little else. And with Bruce Honsby providing the score, it’s not even likely to be up to the motion + music standard set by Zidane.

The film will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25, and then show up on ESPNHD on May 16.

The clip below is almost a year old. Yeah, we’re way behind on this.