Thanks to Will Mason for the head’s up. Also, thanks to Will Mason for his work as The Midnight Thud in Penitentiary III.

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that we at are massive fans of Henry Rollins. I’ve seen him many times as a musician and many more than that as a spoken word legend. I’ll still put Hank up against most of my favorite comedians when it comes to being entertaining and fun to watch live.

As an actor… I like seeing him onscreen and have found newfound respect for his potential after Feast and seeing him discuss the business on his show.

Him joining the cast of Sons of Anarchy is perfect. Unfortunately, he’s playing a heavy [not literally Henry, we know you have less body fat than Ethiopia] so he may not be around long enough or the sweetest character ever known. Then again, who on the show isn’t plagued with dark secrets and intrigue?

Hank has signed on for a six episode commitment to the absolutely lovely FX show that is hopefully waking the world up to the greatness of Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Taylor Sheridan (who delivered the best punch of 2008) and the sneakily excellent Ryan Hurst. He’ll play an antagonist, joining sweethearts like Mitch Pileggi’s racist and the various biker dicks that make up the show’s tapestry of shady lovelies.

This is a great show, though it has yet to demonstrate the quality of story arcs of the top shelf tv dramas. It makes up for that in coolness and great character actors tearing it up.

Henry will only make it better.

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