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Anyone who’s followed my writings from Creature Corner has probably seen me go on and on about Eddie Loves You. I first saw the short film almost three years ago at the 2006 NYC Horror Film Fest, where it had the crowd literally crying with laughter and ended up taking home the coveted Audience Award. I’ve stayed in touch with director Karl Holt here and there because the short really is one of my favorites of all time. The man is probably sick of me talking about it, because it’s not the only thing he’s done- he has made a ton of award-winning films! (Check some of them out on his site here.)

Still, Eddie Loves You is easily my favorite. It’s simple enough to describe- think about the Zuni Fetish Doll sequence from Trilogy of Terror, and imagine that it was done with an Elmo doll instead. And then imagine that the director included clever homages to classic horror movies and managed to turn it into one of the most absolutely hysterical shorts you’ve ever seen in your life. But you don’t have to imagine, because it’s real, and the 25 minute short is available online right here!

But first, witness the trailer. It did the whole Grindhouse trailer thing before the craze started, and did it better than anyone.

Due to obvious legal issues, Eddie Loves You will probably never be sold on dvd, but it’s available for download from the official site. Karl has also graciously allowed us to embed it ourselves for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy- Eddie Loves You!