“I mean, I loved [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford], and I’m really proud of that movie,
which by business accounts was a failure. I think that’s unjustified. I
just want to be proud of my work, I want to do projects I’m proud of,
that I feel have some point, I suppose.”

That’s from Todd Gilchrist’s interview with Garrett Dillahunt, one of my favorite character actors working today. He’s the kind of guy who makes any movie he’s in more watchable; hell, I’ve even considered taking up Sarah Connor Chronicles because he’s in it. But from Jesse James to No Country for Old Men to Deadwood to the short-lived Book of Daniel (he played Jesus Christ!) to this past weekend’s The Last House on the Left, Dillahunt remains a must-watch actor.

Todd and Dillahunt have a good rapport, and I think that’s what makes this interview so interesting; Dillahunt – who is already a pretty open, intelligent guy – really gives Todd honest, serious answers. Answers about his craft and his place in the Hollywood food chain. Check out this quote: “I don’t get a ton of offers – some, and this was one. That made me
nervous, because you think, “if they want me, this must be crap” – you
know, self-deprecating thoughts.”

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