Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures
is almost here! We told you about the new episodic series from Telltale Games last July, but next Tuesday, March 24th is when the first episode drops. To prepare you for Fright of the Bumblebees Telltale has just released a demo of the game. You can download it yourself from either File Planet or Yahoo! Games.

I’ve played the full game a bit and loved it so far- it manages to nail the humor from the shorts and the animation is absolutely perfect. It’s amusing to note how they got away with having a mute lead character in a point and click adventure game.

There’s a special pre-order deal right now at Telltale where if you buy all four episodes you can get them for only 26 bucks, plus two free games (an episode of Sam and Max and Strongbad). That’s one helluva deal. If you don’t want it for the PC keep in mind that it’s going to be hitting the Xbox 360 as well.

Full review coming next week, but from the look of things Telltale have knocked it out of the park once again.