David Hayter – writer of Watchmen and the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear games – has teamed with producer Benedict Carver to start a new shingle, Dark Hero Studios, but that’s not the interesting thing in a Variety article about the duo. Much more interesting is the news that Hayter is directing a werewolf movie this summer starring Ray Stevenson, the once and future Punisher.

Stevenson is just in talks to star in Slaughter Road, but apparently Hayter already has Thomas Dekker – from The Sarah Connor Chronicles - starring. You may remember him from the first season of Heroes, when he played the cheerleader’s gay friend who they suddenly changed to not gay at the insistence of his agent. Apparently Dekker wanted to try stretching in his acting, or so I’m told.

Anyway, Dekker’s not great news – I simply don’t need to see little manicured Hollywood starboys in my horror movies – but Ray Stevenson possibly turning into a big, manly hairy werewolf? Or killing the shit out of them? I’m in for that.

Sadly that’s all the info about Slaughter Road we have at the moment. The article talks briefly about another Hayter film, Demonology, which will be set at an international boarding school in Belgium and will draw on Hayter’s experiences at a boarding school in Japan.